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Grievance Redressal Cell

About the College

Student Grievance Policy

The College has a transparent mechanism to address the grievances of students. A Xaverian can request for a grievance through letters the suggestion box placed in front of the Principal office.

If a student has any Grievance regarding the infrastructure facilities and services offered or any other requirements the student can express it in the Student Forum Meet either through the Class Leaders or drop letters in the suggestion box. The Student Forum Meet is attended by the Student Leaders and grievances are represented to the Principal.

Grievances must contain the student’s name and class and department and a statement regarding grievance or complaint. Upon receipt of the formal grievance from the student, the Principal shall review the Grievance along with the Grievance Redressal Committee Members whether the grievance is within the limits of the Student Grievance Procedure, and assess facts if true, or not and take necessary steps to redress the grievance in time.

If the Principal determines that a complaint is genuine, timely, and a necessity, copies of the complaint will be provided to the members of the Grievance Redressal Committee, and will arrange for corrective measures. The final decision is taken by the Principal.

The College has Zero-Tolerance to Ragging. Anti-Ragging Campaigns are conducted annually at the beginning of the academic year to ensure a safe and healthy environment for Freshers and the students can meet the Principal personally and convey their grievances at any time.

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