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From Principal's Desk


Dear Friends,

Hearty welcome to one and all

ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGE, Maharo was established in 2011, run and administered by Dumka-Raiganj Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). The Jesuits are known for establishing institutions of higher learning across the globe and for promoting quality education with great zeal and zest. St. Xavier’s college is affiliated to Sidu Kanhu Murmu University, Dumka. It is a self-financed minority college. Though it is a Christian minority institution, the College has been catering education to men and women of all religious backgrounds without any discrimination. The college foresees the educational development of Santhal Parganas with special attention to provide quality education to the students of ST, SC and most marginalized ones of this region. The Motto of the College is TO ENLIGHTEN AND TO EMPOWER. The Vision of the college is to prepare men and women for others to serve their fellow-citizens, especially the poor, marginalized and the oppressed.

We aim at providing holistic education forming young men and women of competence, conscience, compassion, creativity and commitment. We foster in students the spirit of humanity, justice and social service thus they are able to meet the challenges of modern society and make them responsible citizens of the country to bring a positive, and creative changes. Thus we do emphasise that every Xaverian should possess both academic and human excellence to fulfil the ultimate goal of building a just, humane and eco-friendly society with all people of good will by skilfully using education as a powerful tool and change the world.

Come and Join us.