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Mission, Vision & Function

ST. XAVIER’S COLLEGE, Dumka aims at an integral and total development of the human person through liberal and scientific knowledge, character formation and personality development. It strives to form men and women of competence, conscience and compassionate commitment, who are intellectually competent, morally upright, socially committed, spiritually inspired and nationally dedicated ‘men and women for others’ in the service of the nation.

Hence, the college commits itself to:

  •  Achieve high standard of academic excellence by providing well planned courses and programmes, and maintain conducive academic atmosphere in the campus.
  •  Assist in the total formation of each individual through character formation, value education, leadership qualities and discipline.
  •  Promote social justice, harmony and brotherhood in society
  •  Uphold the dignity and equality of every human person irrespective of caste and creed
  •  Promote respect for every religion and culture
  •  Preserve ecology and environment for healthy living
  •  Offer personal accompaniment through individual care and concern for one’s growth and development
  •  Empower the less privileged and vulnerable sections of society, the tribals, dalits, women etc.

This institution will use the following methodology for imparting education:

  •  It will use Integral Pedagogical Paradigm as its methodology. Integral pedagogy is based on five principles:
    1. Context: life experiences of the students become the context of the lesson.
    2. Experience: cognitive and effective knowledge of the matter
    3. Reflection: Through reflection, the student grasps the significance of their lesson more fully which leads to a more formative and liberative process.
    4. Action: internal human growth and its external manifestation.
    5. Evaluation: to know the extent of benefit to the student.
  •  It will use cooperative learning, rather than competitive learning as its methodology. Peer tutoring, group study etc. will help all sections of students to understand and personalise their lessons and help each other to grow.
  •  Multiple intelligence: the institution will create an atmosphere where each student’s various intelligences are taken into account and each student is helped to develop various intelligences to shine in life.
  •  Remedial classes: this will be mainly for the socio-economically marginalised section of society to help them to keep up with their studies