Rule & Regulations


  1. Attendance in all classes is compulsory. Every student is expected to be regular to classes. A student should have a minimum of 75% attendance in all classes to qualify for the examination and, scholarship and awards of any kind.

  2. Students who have been absent on the previous day/s will not be allowed to attend classes without the permission of the Principal / Vice-Principal. Such students should fill up the ‘Non-Attendance and Leave Record’ chart in the diary countersigned by either of the parents / guardians, and get the signature of the Principal / Vice Principal in order to attend the classes again.

  3. Prior permission of the Principal / Vice Principal is to be obtained in case of absence due to foreseeable events like festivities, wedding at home, visiting ailing parents and family members, etc. All applications must be countersigned by the parents / guardians.

  4. In case of absence, due to accident or sudden ill health of serious nature, information / application, countersigned by either of the parents, must be submitted to the Principal or the Vice-Principal within three days of the occurrence. Certificate of a registered medical practioner must be submitted along with the application in such cases of sick-leave.

  5. Regular absence or long period (10 consecutive days and more) of absence without the prior permission of the Principal/ Vice Principal would be considered serious offence and breach of discipline. Appropriate disciplinary action/remedial steps will be taken against such cases.

  6. Prolonged period of absence lasting one calendar month and more, without the prior permission of the Principal / Vice Principal, will be considered as the student ‘having left the college’ on his/her own. Transfer Certificate will be issued to students concerned in such cases.


  1. Punctuality is to be maintained at all cost. Every student is expected to be Punctual to classes and, tests and examinations.

  2. Students must be on the College premises at least 10 minutes before classes begin. College gate will be closed after the second bell and the late comers will have to go back home without attending classes.

  3. Students who come to the College regularly late are liable for disciplinary action.


  1. Class assessment tests, Unit Tests and Terminal Examinations are conducted in an academic year. Degree students 75% attendance is a prerequisite for appearing in the University Examinations.

  2. Every student is expected to write all the Tests and Examinations concerned without fail. If a student fails to attend a Test / Examination without prior permission and sufficient reason, he / she may be asked to repeat the class. If one fails repeatedly to be present in many Tests and Examinations, he /she may be asked to leave the College.

  3. Malpractices such as cheating, copying and helping others in tests and exams are strictly prohibited.

  4. Mark-sheets / Report cards will be distributed to the students within a maximum of ten days after the Tests / Examinations are over. The students are expected to show it to their parents.


  1. Co-curricular activities are integral part of education in the College. These activities are conducted to explore the inner talents of students and to provide opportunities for their expression leading to all round development. Students are encouraged to take part in order to enhance their growth. Various types of activities conducted all through the academic year are Debate, Quiz and Speech Contest, Drawing and Rangoli, Singing & Dance Competition etc..

  2. Sports & Games: Outdoor Sporting activities such as Inter-house Volley Ball, Football, Basketball tournaments, and Indoor Sporting activities like Table Tennis, Chess and Carom are part of our co-curricular activities.


    Decorum and modesty in dress, hair style and behaviour must be maintained at every level. One must appear smart, neat and tidy.
  1. Decorum and modesty in dress, hair style and behaviour must be maintained at every level. One must appear smart, neat and tidy.

  2. Students are expected to come to college with prescribed uniform. Boys are strongly recommended not to come with many pocketed pants, tight / round collar T-shirts. Girls are recommended not to come with sleeveless dress, short tops and tight jeans.

  3. Every Student must have identity cards and it must be hung around his / her neck.


Library, as a source of knowledge, supplements what is taught in class. Every effort is made to equip the library with relevant and latest books onall subjects taught in the College and, with magazines and daily newspapers. Students are encouraged to make use of the library as much as possible. Following norms and procedure are to be followed in the library.

  • Silence must be maintained in the library always.

  • A student may borrow a maximum of two books at a time for seven days. If the student is in dire need of the same books, he / she may apply for their renewal for another seven days. Those who do not return the books on time will have to pay a fine of Rs.5 per day per book.

  • Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.

  • When a student loses a book, he / she has to replace it or pay the price for a new one along with a fine of Rs.5o plus the fine for the delay.

  • All books should be handled with care so that as many students as possible may use them.

  • No one should take any book from the library by himself.


    1. Students are expected to pay the fee every month regularly. Due date for payment of fees is specified in the student’s calendar. Fees are to be paid for all twelve months a year.

    2. Those who fail to pay the fees on time will have to pay a fine of Rs. 50per month.

    3. In case of genuine difficulty to pay the fees on time, one may seek exemption from the Principal / Vice-Principal for a short period of time lasting not more than two months.

    4. Fee concession will be granted to deserving students. Those who seek fee concession must submit to the Principal /Vice-Principal an application by end of September every year. Final decision will be communicated by the end of October. Fee concession granted is valid only for one year and an application must be submitted for renewal in the month of September every year. However, it is made clear that no one has any claim / right for concession.

    5. Transfer and conduct certificates will be issued to the students only on payment of all the fees and other dues to the college.

    6. Fees once paid will not be refunded. Students, who leave the college during the course, cannot claim any portion of the fees paid.


    1. Conducive atmosphere must be maintained for learning in classrooms. Strict silence must be observed.

    2. In case a teacher is absent, students must sit quietly and study or go to the library with the approval of the Principal / Vice-Principal and use the time profitably

    3. Loitering around in the building during the class hours is strictly prohibited. Shouting, whistling etc. in the building is not allowed.


    1. English is the medium of instruction in the College. Hence English will be spoken at all times in the college premise as further opportunity for practice

    2. Every student must bring the Student’s diary every day to the College.

    3. Student’s identity card must be hung around one’s neck, particularly when one enters the campus.

    4. All information for students is displayed on the notice-board. Therefore, students are advised to look up the notice-board every morning on arrival and before leaving the College after the classes are over. No excuse will be considered if notices are not seen.

    5. Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the college authorities in educating their wards in character formation, in maintaining their regularity to classes, and monitoring their progress in studies. Warning letters will be issued to students who are irregular in attendance. At the same time, parents and Guardians are advised to meet in person the Principal / Vice-Principal and the concerned class / subject teachers regarding the academic progress of their wards from time to time.

    6. Eco- Friendly Zone: Ecology and cleanliness in the College campus and building, protection of furniture and other things of the college should be the responsibility of every student. The college property must be protected and preserved for lasting impact. Damage in any form such as writing / scratching, drawing on desks, walls and blackboards, breaking things, littering etc. is a highly reprehensible behaviour, and must be avoided. Violation will incur a heavy penalty, including suspension and dismissal.

    7. Students should not leave the College premises during class-hours without the permission of the Principal / Vice-Principal.

    8. Use of mobiles, iPhone within the campus / college building is not permitted. When brought to the campus, they should be kept in ‘switch-off’ mode. In case anyone wants to use for any emergency or academic purpose, prior permission must be obtained. Violation will incur imposition of a fine of Rs.500.

    9. Any kind of violent conduct, or indecent behaviour or unauthorised celebrations etc. is strictly forbidden.

    10. Consumption of tobacco and alcohol, smoking, chewing pan, ragging of any kind inside /outside the college, explosive materials like crackers etc. are strictly prohibited. Any violation of this rule will result in suspension / dismissal from the College.

    11. Posters are not allowed to be pasted anywhere in the campus without the prior permission of the Principal / Vice-Principal.


    Certain way of life is expected of every Xaverian even outside the campus.

    1. Decent behaviour, adherence of and upholding secular values and ideals, respect for elders, concern for the needy and downtrodden etc. are characteristic marks of a Xaverian. These must be practised daily.

    2. Awareness of social conditions around and in the world, and a compassionate response to it is to be followed.

    3. Disciplined approach to life and civic rules for safety and security of every person, including the traffic rules, must be followed.


    1. Bus facility is arranged by the college for those residing in the town area. Students may avail this arrangement by paying the fee monthly.

    2. Any misconduct in the bus is strictly forbidden.