Library, as a source of knowledge, supplements what is taught in class. Every effort is made to equip the library with relevant and latest books on all subjects taught in the College and, with magazines and daily newspapers. Students are encouraged to make use of the library as much as possible. Following norms and procedure are to be followed in the library.

  • Silence must be maintained in the library always.
  • A student may borrow a maximum of two books at a time for seven days. If the student is in dire need of the same books, he / she may apply for their renewal for another seven days. Those who do not return the books on time will have to pay a fine of Rs.5 per day per book.
  • Reference books cannot be taken out of the library.
  • When a student loses a book, he / she has to replace it or pay the price for a new one along with a fine of Rs.5o plus the fine for the delay.
  • All books should be handled with care so that as many students as possible may use them.
  • No one should take any book from the library by himself.